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My book on the famous book town of Hay-on-Wye had its own event at the 2014 Hay Festival. It has 160 pages of text and photos on the landscape and literature of the town itself, and of border country around, which includes the Brecon Beacons National Park.

A beautiful book to be treasured by everyone in our family!
Gillian Cameron
'Hay - Landscape, Literature and the Town of Books'Title page, Hay at Festival time.Frontispiece, Hay time above Haypp 8 & 9, Introductionpp 36 & 37, Alan Powell, carpenterpp 52 & 53 "On the Black Hill"p 55, Heath Spotted orchidpp 62 & 63, Hay People - Joyce Gervis, Businesswomanp 77, Grave of Max Pfefferkorn, German PoWpp 94 & 95, An Excursion to Bettws Clyrop 91, A view across the Wye Valley from Maesyronnenp 155, Snow shower approaching Cribyn, in the Brecon BeaconsIntroducing "Hay" to Clyro Women's Institute.