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In 1989, in my first venture into commercial photography, I started producing local picture postcards for shops in the England/Wales border area, where I live. As well as exclusive products for retailers in Knighton, Clun, Bishop's Castle and Montgomery I published a more generic series under the title "In the Marches". By 2012 I had sold more than 100,000 cards, and stopped counting. More recently I have used postcards to promote my books. A few samples here.
Pudsey, Cornholme, Todmorden, postcard 2019, from photo of 1987 .Cross Stone Cemetery, Todmorden, 2019Shore Road descends to Cornholme (Todmorden), 2019Windfalls, 2006On Llanfair Hill, 2006The Wye from Wintour's Leap, 2006On Hawthorn Hill, 2006Offa's Dyke Climbs behind Garbett Hall, 2006Winter Sheep Market, Knighton, 2006Montgomery, 1996Clun, 1995Near New Invention, 1992Honeysuckle, 1991Harebells, 1989The Teme at Skyborry, 1989